We choose Rushbox as our long-time logistics partner because of their great services and stable timeliness. We also tried other logistics companies and finally we found that they can not meet our needs on timeliness and goods safety. Rushbox helps us on fast delivery on goods and enhance our customer satisfaction then we realized our sales volume double and redouble growth.

Warehouses blasting is very popular during peak seasons, while we are content with the performance that Rushbox shows in emergency or daily issues on these days. It provides us with perfect first shipping and mature overseas warehouses, which plays a great support role in busy seasons. They are experienced and excellent.

Why we choose Rushbox is that it really does well on customer service. We used to cooperate with other overseas warehouses providers, finally it turned out to be unsatisfactory. No tracking number provided, or no response on goods lose. However, Rushbox handles very well. They inform us once such cases occur and provide their solutions in a short time. We trust Rushbox.

Logistics is a very important link for all cross-border E-commerce sellers. Many troubles come from this part. To avoid any unnecessary mistakes on logistics, Rushbox offers us a complete door to door customized services from first shipping from China to the final delivery abroad. Its comprehensive price, stable timeliness, advanced logistics management and fast response save our worries and enable us to put much more energy on product research and development.

We have strict requirements on overseas warehouses safety and stability. We adopted several warehouses and different logistics companies. They really did a bad job. Their terrible warehouse management system is so ineffective which can not be equal to manual work. We then use Rushbox and we are surprised by their strong advance warehouse system and we know every details on our orders. Thus we can pay more attention to our platform operation.

Money is not a problem for us on condition that you can truly provide great services that we need. When choose our logistics supplier, we are finally conquered by Rushbox. They not only solve the language problems but also the time difference. Our inquiries or questions can be quickly fixed anytime. We also learn a lot from Rushbox on cross-border logistics knowledge.